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Our program is carefully planned with a unique curriculum for every age level, centred around developmentally appropriate and fun activities that support children learning in the following key areas:

Communication Language and Literacy - CCL
Your child will learn to talk confidently and clearly, enjoying stories, songs and poems, hearing and saying sounds, and linking them to the alphabet. They will read and write some familiar words and learn to use a pencil

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy - PSRN
Your child will develop an understanding of math through stories, songs, games and imaginative play. They will become comfortable with numbers and they will be aware of shapes and space

Knowledge and Understanding of the World - KUW
Your child will explore and find out about the world around them, asking questions about it. They will build with different materials, know about everyday technology and learn what it is used for. They will find out more about plants, animals, and other science topics that simulate their interest like Dinosaurs

Creative Development - CD
Your child will explore colours and shapes, trying out dance, making things, telling stories and making music

Physical Development - PD
Your child will learn to move and control his/her body with confidence as well as the equipment that may be involved without putting pressure on our children. Most of the time they feel they are just playing and having fun and sometimes they will choose what they want to do. At other times they take part in activities that help them learn how to concentrate or develop a particular skill

Personal, Social and Emotional Development - PSE
Your child will learn to be self-confident, take an interest in things, know what their own needs are, tell the difference between right and wrong
“What we hear we forget, what we see we remember and what we do becomes a part of us”
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