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My Fair plus offers a bespoke service to children up to 7 years. We provide 6 workshops; 2 weeks each. The themes of summer’s work shop will be designed and set for parents to check with the administration during May of each year. Many of these workshops may seek to reflect or teach various aims, objectives or skills, whereas, with others, it may be more about a creative experience, or simply a positive fun activity.

My Fair plus aims to have, only the best experienced workshop practitioners, and accomplished in their given areas. We encourage feedback from our clients, and aim to constantly improve the quality of our workshops, programmes and events. Below are examples of previously held workshops:

Crafts (of all kinds) and environmental / recycled crafts:
We have some fantastic kids crafts’ ideas (and adults) and fantastic artists to deliver them. Children's and adults crafts workshops may include mask making, clay model making, willow sculpture, glass painting, card making, makeup and beauty, lantern sculpture, jewellery making, bag/cushion making, rock painting, T-Shirt design and puppet making. We also have many environmentally aware crafts projects and workshops on offer, where we make decorative ornaments, instruments or sculptures out of ‘recycled’ objects. We have lots of kid’s crafts ideas and we have something for everyone!

Drama and Group Activities:
This may include Role-play or Improvisation, Puppetry, comedy drama and Physical Theatre, to name but a few disciplines. We regularly employ Drama workshops or simply what we call ‘group activities’, for the embodiment of key themes / initiatives, such as social inclusion, anti-racism, and respect for self and others. We have achieved outstanding results from our Drama projects. Feedback from participants regularly states that their confidence has increased since starting on our courses.

Animation Station:
A workshop looking at the process of 'stop gap' animation. Here, participants will learn one of the many methods used to help bring creations to life. Using modelling clay and their imaginations, the models will be captured using digital cameras and then edited together to create motion. Learners will learn that patience brings out the best results in this imaginative, creatively stimulating and fun workshop. Animation courses can produce full films at a much cheaper rate than conventional filming. Animation is great fun.
"Summer Centre is open for children from 5 up to 7 years. The programs start from June first till the end of August."
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