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My Fair plus  Programs
Where children make their best memories..
Summer Centre is open for children from 5 up to 7 years.
The programs start from June first till the end of August.

Various activities are planned to celebrate various events of the year,
for example National Day, Mother’s day, Halloween party, Ramadan, Hajj, Christmas etc.
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Our program is carefully planned with a unique curriculum for every age level, centred around developmentally appropriate and fun activities that support children learning in the following key areas: such as Communication Language and Literacy - CCL.

Field Trips are conducted in relation to the theme designed for each work shop. Below are some of the previously conducted Field Trips:
» Fire Station.
» Puppet Show/Children Plays.
» Zoo / Pet Stores.

My Fair plus offers a bespoke service to children up to 7 years. We provide 6 workshops; 2 weeks each. The themes of summer’s work shop will be designed and set for parents to check with the administration during May of each year.
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